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Rocknroo is a smart pillow simulating KC, a parental skin-to-skin technique, clinically proven to improve the sleep-wake cycle, stabilize heart rate and breathing of the babies. Our hands-free chest shaped pillow mimics the warmth, heartbeat, and, breathing of a parent, providing babies with a feeling of comfort while allowing the parents to carry on with their daily activities with less stress.

“We envision the device to serve as an add-on rather than a replacement for parental care.”


Why are we doing this?

All babies cry but some more than the others. One of the more discernible reasons for the inconsolable crying is infant colic, a condition bringing discomfort and pain to the infants. Worldwide colic affects at least 25 million babies annually.

Affected parents are sleep-deprived, experiencing frustration and helpless feeling. They struggle with compromised work productivity and often are unable to get through their daily routine.

The current solutions are costly, ineffective, invasive or medication based.

The most effective solution to reduce the baby’s discomfort requires hours of Kangaroo Care sessions, placing an enormous time burden on these parents!



For more information on Kangaroo care and the science behind our product, please visit our blog.


Our story

The founding team first met in November 2018 at a course within the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Health SHAPE Program and started developing the initial idea. Within the scope of this course, we visited Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, talked to medical experts about this problem and also approached parents to gather their inputs.


As a part of this course, we identified the market and generated a feasible business plan. The constant support of the instructors and eventually, winning the Jury competition for the Best Business Model encouraged us to keep on pursuing the idea even after completion of the course.

To capitalise on the strengths of the team members, we decided to pursue different aspects of the project. One group focused on the technical aspects of the product development while the other, looked at the business aspects in the course Ready to Startup! at Yes!Delft. This helped us in improving our business plan and translating our concept into a first Proof-of-Principle Prototype. On the sidelines, we competed in the TU Delft Ideation Contest 2019 and became one of the top three. We were subsequently chosen to represent TU Delft at the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge 2019, where we also got the opportunity to meet and greet the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

In the summer of 2019, to gain further experience in Healthcare Entrepreneurship, Monika and Priyanka participated in the EIT Summerschool Shebucar. At the Summer School, they got the opportunity to interact with others who were equally passionate about the healthcare industry. This interaction led to an exchange of ideas, experiences and learnings about finance, investors and marketing.

Our project has been constantly growing as we hone our skills as entrepreneurs. The constant support and encouragement from our mentors and friends have kept us going. As of 20th April 2020, we have been chosen as one of the 3 finalists to pitch at the Philips Innovation Award 2020

This journey that we started in November 2018 with the Health Business Development Lab is still going strong…so stay tuned for more!!

Meet the team

We are a diverse team with different backgrounds and intriguing stories to share. But what remains consistent is that we are all compassionate and inspired to learn, and committed to deliver a safe and reliable baby product which will provide relief to both babies and their families.

Chief Technology and Operations



A Dutch startup founded in 2019

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